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Still need to convince your manager to send you to Talent42? Here are four ways to make your business case:

  • World Class Speakers. We don't tell you how to be a better tech recruiter; we show you. The Talent42 agenda is meticulously designed to educate and the speakers are carefully curated for their unparalleled understanding of tech recruiting. No fluff.
  • Next-level Networking. The brightest minds in tech recruiting come to Talent42. Lasting connections are formed, and past attendees have built mentor and peer relationships that have been indispensable for their professional growth.
  • Tech Expertise. Talent42 is laser-focused on tech recruiting. Over the years attendees have taken insights and knowledge from the conference to stay ahead of the curve, make greater impacts within their organizations, and elevate their careers.
  • Hands-on Learning. Talent42 offers interactive workshops and lively roundtable discussions where participants learn recruiting techniques that result in faster times to fill and happier hiring managers.

Do you want to come to Talent42, but need some help?

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We'll help you write an email that will present the business case for you and your team to attend Talent42 in Seattle on June 3-4, 2024

Other ways to attend Talent42

If you can't find the budget for Talent42, you can still join us for the event!

Share Your Story

Are you between jobs and can’t afford to attend? Are you worried your skills will get rusty while being out of work? Don’t worry - we’re here for our community!

Talent42 is giving back: unemployed talent acquisition professionals can get a free digital registration to the next event. To claim your virtual pass, follow these simple steps:

  • Share this video or one of our Talent42 social media posts that mention an upcoming speaker or session in a post on LinkedIn. Use the hashtags #talent42 and #talent42givingback
  • Share something personal. This can be a post expressing your excitement about attending Talent42, or the benefits you get from the Talent42 community. Be creative and use the hashtags #opentowork and #talent42givingback
  • Email us with links to your posts and include the words “Help Me Get to Talent42" in your subject line

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