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Bell Harbor International Conference Center
2211 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA
June 3-4, 2024

Why attend?

Talent42 is where the top tech recruiters in the world hone their craft and learn cutting-edge methods for identifying and hiring the world’s most sought-after tech talent. Over the years attendees have come to expect powerful sessions and keynotes from recruiting's most forward-thinking practitioners. Additionally our stage hosts prominent engineering leaders from some of the most pioneering companies.
At Talent42, we come together to absorb the latest sourcing techniques, foster lasting connections with like-minded professionals, and actively participate in hands-on collaborative sessions and workshops. 

Expert Practitioners

Discover the latest strategies and techniques from tech recruiting practitioners at the pinnacle of the profession

Hands-on Training

Experience hands-on learning in interactive sessions, applying insights for immediate impact


Connect with top talent minds, collaborate, share insights, and foster connections that last long after the event

Tech Leaders

Learn from tech trailblazers. Stay ahead by getting to know engineers and developers leading innovation

I made some fantastic connections with TA professionals and can't wait to share what I learned with my team!

Amanda Neighbours
Director of Talent Acquisition
Endeavor Schools

Attending Talent42 was an informative experience that deepened my understanding of the ever-evolving world of technical recruiting.

Ashlea Crossley
Senior Talent Acquisition Recruiter
Technology at Paycom

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Talent42 event in Seattle, and I must say, it has been one of the most enriching experiences in my career.

Alex Avitia
Technical Talent Acquisition Manager

If you are a recruiter and looking for a way to level-up your skills, you should definitely check out Talent42.

Trent Cotton
Vice President of Talent and Culture


Monday, June 3

8:00 AM PDT


    9:00 AM PDT

    Welcome to Talent42

    Thank you for joining us for the #1 tech recruiting conference!
    9:10 AM PDT


    Disappointment to Decisive Action: Unveiling the Next Era of Inclusion

    In this keynote Torin Ellis will delve into the deceptive complexities of organizational composition, and how the dilemmas of unmeasured data manifest as “black box” theories that fan the flames of complacency. As our community leans into the next stage of talent acquisition and inclusion, Torin continues to use his voice to expound on the importance of effectively engaging the nodes of Variety, Separation, and Disparity to build high-performing teams. This session will include:
    • Introduction to Harrison Klein research on organizational diversity
    • Redefining connective tissue between robust sourcing and business impact
    • Transition from disappointment to proactive steps for inclusive excellence.
    10:00 AM PDT

    Strategy & Leadership

    Athletic Talent Acquisition: Committing to Recruitment Fitness

    In fitness and sport being part of a team or a group of like minded motivated individuals propels athletes to a different level of performance. Preparation, commitment and competition are key parts of success. In this session we will dive into how these aspects show up in running a high performance operational recruiting program inside a mission driven fitness company. Learn how to empower hiring managers and candidates alike by properly prepping everyone involved and setting up all parties for success. These structured approaches foster diversity by enabling recruiters to attract and engage a wider pool of talent, while dramatically increasing the retention of talent and boosting productivity. Camille and Elyse will cover the different stages of athletic talent acquisition: 
    • Warming-Up
    • Increasing Endurance
    • Scaling Teams (for Hiring Optimization)
    • Coaching the Team to Excellence
    • Cooling Down and Reflecting
    10:50 AM PDT

    Networking Break

    Take a break to mingle. There is plenty of time to have some refreshments, but not enough time to visit the Space Needle. 
      11:10 AM PDT

      DIY Diversity Search Tools - Empowering Your Recruitment Strategy

      In this hands-on session, gain the knowledge to construct personalized in-house tools that empower your recruitment strategy. Learn to infuse rigor into your search process for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with customizable solutions adaptable to the evolving needs of your business. Lead the way in cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce with the tools you walk away with in this interactive session.
      • Empower your recruitment strategy with DIY diversity search tools.
      • Construct personalized, in-house solutions for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
      • Infuse rigor into your search process, leading to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
      12:00 PM PDT


        1:00 PM PDT

        AI for TA & TI

        Discover the transformative power of AI in the realm of Talent Acquisition and Talent Intelligence. This session will delve into practical applications of AI that can revolutionize the work of recruiters and recruiting leaders.

        Key takeaways include:
        • Enhanced Recruitment Communication: Discover how AI can streamline writing emails, job descriptions, candidate pitches, and interview guides.
        • Talent Analytics: Learn about hiring trends, employee turnover analysis, and predictive analytics to foresee future skill demands.
        • Strategic Implementation: Uncover AI-driven strategies to attract and retain top talent.
        • Ethical Considerations: Understand the importance of ethical AI practices to ensure fairness, transparency, and bias mitigation in recruiting processes.
        1:50 PM PDT

        Exclusive: Digital Attendees

        Culture as a Magnet, Trust as a North Star: Attracting and Nurturing Talent for Quality Hiring

        This session emphasizes the crucial role of organizational culture and trust in attracting and retaining top talent. Speakers delve into how a compelling workplace culture acts as a magnet, drawing in skilled individuals, while trust serves as the guiding force for sustaining and nurturing this talent. Discussions explore strategies to cultivate a culture that aligns with the values and aspirations of potential hires, making the organization an appealing destination for top-tier talent. Emphasis is placed on the pivotal role of trust, serving as the cornerstone for fostering an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and motivated, ultimately contributing to the overall quality of hiring. The session aims to provide actionable insights for organizations seeking to enhance their talent acquisition by prioritizing culture and trust-building initiatives. Attendees will learn how to:
        • Prioritize culture and trust to attract and retain top talent effectively.
        • Cultivate a compelling workplace culture as a magnet for skilled individuals.
        • Emphasize trust as the cornerstone for nurturing talent and fostering an environment of value, respect, and motivation.
        1:50 PM PDT

        Exclusive: In-Person Attendees


        Get ready to ignite the conversation! Gather with your peers for fiery exchanges on the frontlines of recruiting! Dive deep into the hottest topics and toughest challenges facing the industry today.
          2:30 PM PDT

          Exclusive: Digital Attendees

          Leveraging Talent Intelligence to Elevate Your Hiring Team's Kick-off Conversations

          This is the story of how to change the perception of a talent acquisition team in less than six months. An outside consulting firm delivered their survey results to the TA leadership. The conclusion was that the TA team did not take ownership of the recruiting process, resulting in inconsistent service quality and a lengthy time to fill. The answer for us was to leverage talent intelligence to turn the kick-off call into a strategy conversation. This session will provide three takeaways for you. Attendees will learn: 
          • How to move from an order taker to a partnership.
          • How to grab and maintain the hiring manager's attention.
          • How to identify what the target talent audience wants to know.
          3:10 PM PDT

          Networking Break

          There is ample time to catch up with colleagues, but not enough time to find the Fremont Troll.
            3:30 PM PDT

            Strategy & Leadership

            Recruiter Enablement – The Path to Excellence

            Join recruiting enablement leaders Hannah Brock and Robyn Watson as they share their proven strategies for optimizing talent acquisition efficiency from a global perspective. Gain insights into how they upskill TA organizations and develop individuals into subject matter experts. Learn the art of facilitation and knowledge sharing, investing in your career growth to elevate your contribution to your organization. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and enhance your enablement skills. Remember, a Recruiter’s value is more than the number of reqs they’re carrying! Hannah and Robyn will demonstrate how to:
            • Discover the impact of Recruiting Enablement. 
            • Master facilitation and knowledge sharing for career growth and organizational impact. 
            • Enhance TA organizations through upskilling and individual development.
            4:20 PM PDT

            Unleashing Talent Velocity: High-Performance Team Building without Sacrificing Precision

            Have you ever wondered if lightning-fast growth and top-notch recruiting processes could coexist? Many have their doubts, but buckle up for an electrifying exploration that shatters preconceived notions! Join Jen Hasche as she unveils the secret sauce for turbocharging recruitment while steadfastly upholding robust processes. In a landscape where chaos often reigns during rapid growth, discover how Jen empowers organizations to blaze a trail towards success without compromising integrity or efficiency. Gain invaluable insights on nurturing internal trust within your organization while fostering unwavering credibility with prospective talent. It's not just about speed—it's about forging trust internally and externally, ensuring that every recruitment move builds not just a team, but a foundation of lasting confidence and reliability. Key discussion points will include:
            • Discovering the synergy between rapid growth and robust recruitment processes.
            • Unveiling the secret sauce for turbocharged recruitment without sacrificing integrity. (Guess what, you don’t have to compromise getting your recruiting process on rails just because you are a fast growing hot start-up.)
            • Gaining insights on nurturing internal trust and credibility while fostering reliability with stakeholders and prospective talent.
            5:15 PM PDT

            Networking Reception

              Tuesday, June 4

              8:00 AM PDT


                9:00 AM PDT

                Welcome Back

                Talent42 forges ahead with sessions on leadership, AI, metrics, and more.
                9:05 AM PDT


                TA Leadership in an Era of Uncertainty: AI, Layoffs and Eroding Trust

                Amidst the tumultuous landscape of talent acquisition, this session delves into the core challenges faced by TA leaders in today's era of uncertainty. As AI reshapes traditional practices and layoffs cast shadows, trust becomes fragile. Leaders are tasked with steering their teams through technological disruption while addressing shifting workforce dynamics. Rebuilding trust emerges as a vital necessity. Join us to explore the leadership imperative in charting a course through these turbulent waters, fostering resilience, adaptability, and trust in the TA domain. Key discussion points will include: 
                • Navigation of uncertainty: Leadership's crucial role in talent acquisition.
                • Addressing AI disruption, layoffs, and trust erosion head-on.
                • Building resilience, adaptability, and trust to lead teams through turbulent times in the TA landscape.
                9:55 AM PDT

                Panel Discussion

                You Can’t Scale Chaos: An Unfiltered Q&A With a Curious Tech Founder and Seasoned Recruiters

                In the startup world founders need more than a recruiter, they need someone with an ability to anticipate needs, and the confidence to engage in conversations that clearly define what problems are being solved.

                During this panel a group of tech recruiting veterans and a learning-driven tech founder will dissect the aspects of consultative technical recruitment. This forum will go beyond job descriptions and dig deep into the often unspoken and unclear requirements of technical leaders.
                With transparency being a core attribute of this discussion, expect to hear about a founder’s past recruitment missteps, and how valuable historical lessons can be transformed into actionable strategies for future success.
                10:45 AM PDT

                Networking Break

                Grab some coffee and a snack, but not a piece of gum from The Gum Wall
                  11:05 AM PDT

                  Breakout Session

                  Tips, Tools and Tricks for Sourcing and Recruiting

                  In this session Dean will unveil a diverse kit of cutting-edge tools that raise the bar in areas of talent identification, candidate engagement, and automation. This session will equip participants with the knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving recruitment terrain. Come prepared to:
                  • Explore innovative tools for talent identification, engagement, and automation.
                  • Elevate your sourcing and recruiting game with a diverse kit of cutting-edge resources.
                  • Gain essential knowledge to navigate recruitment's dynamic landscape effectively.
                  11:05 AM PDT

                  Breakout Session

                  Strategic Metrics: Building Proactive Strategies for Recruiters & Sourcers

                  In this session attendees will discover how to proactively wield metrics as a shield to defend their positions and enhance their value. Learn how to anticipate challenges, align metrics with organizational goals, and effectively communicate data to safeguard your reputation and job security. This session empowers recruiters to be strategic, proactive, and prepared in the face of metrics scrutiny, not simply to use their data as a shield but rather as a tool. This session will show attendees how to: 

                  · Harness metrics strategically to defend positions and amplify value.
                  · Anticipate challenges, set table stakes for your data, and align client and recruiting metrics with organizational objectives for effective communication.
                  · Empower recruiters with proactive strategies, preparing them to utilize data as a tool, not just a shield.
                  12:00 PM PDT


                    1:00 PM PDT

                    Navigating Inclusion: ERG Insights from the C-Suite to the Front Line

                    Join us for an engaging fireside chat featuring Reddit's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who also serves as the executive sponsor of an Employee Resource Group (ERG). In this session, we'll delve into the intricate workings of fostering inclusion and advancing diversity education within Reddit's global framework. Key takeaways:
                    • Attraction: Understand how Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) serve as magnets for diverse talent by showcasing an inclusive organizational culture, thereby attracting individuals who value diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
                    • Retention: Discover how ERGs contribute to higher employee retention rates by providing a sense of belonging, fostering community, and offering opportunities for professional development and advancement regardless of background or identity.
                    • Innovation: Explore the link between diversity, inclusion, and innovation within the organization, as ERGs act as catalysts for creative thinking, problem-solving, and the generation of fresh perspectives that drive innovation and business success.
                    1:45 PM PDT

                    Precision Technical Sourcing

                    Buckle up and prepare to source! Join Carmen Hudson as she walks through questions that every sourcer or recruiter should ask before conversations with hiring managers, before sourcing one resume, before talking to the first candidate. As the landscape of technical sourcing is changing, the best tech recruiters lean into understanding the micro-differences that separate great candidates from filler candidates. Carmen will share her method of deeply understanding technical reqs, and how she leverages that understanding to have deeper conversations with hiring managers, to source with precision and speed, and to conduct revealing, enlightening candidate interviews. Key discussion points will include:
                    • Preparing for sourcing success with expert insights.
                    • Learning key questions for effective communication with hiring managers.
                    • Mastering the art of deeply understanding technical requirements to source with precision, speed, and insight.
                    2:30 PM PDT

                    Networking Break

                    Take your time, hurry up. Choice is yours, don't be late.
                      2:50 PM PDT

                      Masterclass: Identifying & Engaging Top-tier Tech Talent

                      Explore comprehensive sourcing and engagement strategies with Jer Langhans and Phil Hendrickson. In the first half of this session, Jer will navigate the landscape of sourcing tech talent, sharing expertise on cutting edge identification methods and how to leverage diverse platforms. We'll then hand things over to Phil as he unveils the art of candidate outreach and engagement, providing insights into crafting compelling messages and establishing meaningful connections with potential hires. Gain a holistic understanding of the talent acquisition journey, from initial discovery to fostering lasting relationships with top-notch candidates.
                      • Delve into advanced tech talent sourcing and engagement strategies. Yes, we will whiteboard Boolean from scratch together.
                      • Learn cutting-edge identification methods and diverse platform utilization. Diversity Sourcing is super hot in 2024 & we know which tools work well!
                      • Master candidate outreach, message crafting, and meaningful connection establishment for top-tier talent acquisition.
                      4:10 PM PDT

                      Talent42 Wrap-up

                      See you next year! 


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