The National Tech Recruiting Conference. June 7-8, 2016

Who attends Talent42?

The National Tech Recruiting Conference.

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Part Conference

Talent42 is the first - and only - conference that brings together tech recruiters and leading technologists. We ask every speaker and every panel to bring their "A-game". Talent42 is a rare opportunity for the tech recruiting community to come together to share new ideas.
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Part Training

Getting away from the office for two days is tough. We want to make it worthwhile. For us, Talent42 is successful when you leave having learned something that you can share with your team back at the office. In 2015, we're expanding the popular Sourcing Roundtables, and adding more opportunities to learn from experts and peers.
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All Tech Recruiting

Talent42 attendees want to learn the latest recruiting tactics and strategies. We also want to learn more about technology. Every Talent42 conference includes a presentation from a SME who can help us translate tech jargon into plain English, and help us understand technical trends that affect hiring top tech talent.


What participants have to say about Talent42...

  • Talent 42 was a great conference. It was a great mix of skills building and strategy, with people from business as well as recruiting. Talent42 did a great job with attendees, speakers and sponsors. I recommend it for folks in our recruiting org next year.
    Director of Global Talent Labs, Microsoft
  • I have had the pleasure speaking at Talent42, which is one conference you don’t want to miss. With so many HR/Staffing Conferences that may have similarities in our industry it’s important to choose the one that has information/tools that you can implement the next day and keep you current in your game. 
    Lead Sourcer, Groupon
  • Talent42 team put on a cracking conference. Many said it couldn't be done, but the team proved them wrong. The conference was awesome. As a senior TA leader it was great to meet peers and be able to learn and share valuable industry knowledge. I will be there next year and send some of my team.
    VP Global Recruiting, Informatica
  • Talent42 is the best recruiting event I've ever had the opportunity to participate in. Why? 1) It teaches you practical tactical and strategic takeaways. 2) It has engineering managers who are part of the event and talking about recruiting. 3) It's small. The limited audience allows for more Q&A, networking. Overall, Talent42 has the feel of a Silicon Valley TechCrunch Slam. John & his team have managed to create a gem of a show that's a must attend for both junior and senior recruiting talent alike. Do yourself a favor and book your team today.
    Director Talent Acquistion, PNNL
  • Conferences can be good, or they can be great. Much of the differentiation can be attributed to the care, energy, and leadership of the organizers. Talent42 cuts through the 'noise' to get new and fresh approaches out there.
    Partner, Riviera Partners
  • T42 turned out to be an absolute GRAND SLAM...great hosts, fantastic agenda and unbelievable group of attendees. Two of the most enjoyable and educational days I have had in my career. 
    Managing Partner, Riviera Partners